Volunteer Opportunities


Support our facilitators and engage with participants at our Food Smarts Workshops. This might include things like chopping up veggies for that day's meal or leading small group discussions. Our classes usually occur between 9-5p Monday through Friday. We have multiple workshops happening concurrently and we work with people across all ages and backgrounds, so there are always options. See a complete list of current workshops below. 


Test out your amateur food photography skills by taking photos for our step-by-step instructions on EatFresh.org. This is an easy and flexible (and delicious!) way to volunteer your time. Our goal is to include step-by-step photo instructions for ALL recipes on Eatfresh.org. Here are examples. 

If there are other ways that you'd like to volunteer, just let us know! We've appreciated volunteers who have shared their: photography skills to capture our work in action, illustration ability to create telling infographics, and superb copywriting to strengthen our website. 

Contact danielle@leahspantrysf.org for additional information about any of these opportunities.

What some volunteers have to say about their experience:

"It was my pleasure to help out - a worthwhile way to spend Saturday morning. I'm constantly impressed with what amazing work Leah's Pantry does for the community :)"

"I loved every minute of it! The crew, the community we were serving to, the passion and mission behind it, everything! Filled me with such joy. Hope to volunteer with more projects like it in the future."