Join us to bring trauma-informed, resilience-building nutrition programs to underserved communities across California. 


Here are some examples of the impact that you can make within our community:

$50 - Sponsor a family overcoming homelessness to complete a Food Smarts Workshop series and receive a CookIt Kit.

$100 - Train two agencies to incorporate trauma-informed principles into their nutrition education. Impact hundreds!

$250 - Provide three community meals to public housing residents - they experience nourishing food, positive community connection, and learn about opportunities to become community leaders.

$500 - Healthy makeover for a food pantry that includes healthy foods, culturally relevant resources, and an environment that supports healthy decisions.

$1000 - Community leadership training to develop a customized trauma-informed nutrition education program. Powerful and sustainable.

Watch this video that introduces our trauma-informed work. 

**We do not accept unsolicited food donations. If you're interested in donating, please contact