SuperFood Drives

Food drives provide community members an opportunity to help care for our neighbors in need in a very tangible way: through food.

We believe that the opposite of hungry isn’t full; it’s healthy!

Every year, especially around the holiday season, schools, groups and organizations plan food drives to collect non-perishable food for local food banks and food pantries knowing that

Food drives are an opportunity to collect much-needed healthy food. Some food pantries rely heavily on the generosity of food donors.  Through intentional education and dialogue, donors can be engaged in the mission of Giving the Gift of Health™ through healthy food donation.

The SuperFood Drive (healthy food drive) program was born in 2009 with a vision of transforming all food drives into collection of nutrient dense non-perishables.

We encourage stocking our pantries and the pantries of those in need with simple, affordable and nourishing foods.