The Nutrition Pantry Program

We believe that all people deserve access to healthy, nourishing food.Organizations serving vulnerable populations have the capability to provide a nourishing environment but often need support and resources to do so. The Nutrition Pantry Program celebrates and supports food pantries by providing the direction, framework, tools, and resources to transform from food pantry to nutrition pantry.

What is a Nutrition Pantry?

A Nutrition Pantry makes an intentional commitment to the health of clients by prioritizing healthy food and resources. We’ve identified 7 areas of focus to support the transformation to a Nutrition Pantry (resources coming soon):

  1. Nutrition Guidelines
  2. Donor Communications
  3. Nutrition Education
  4. Environmental Nudges
  5. Cultural Accommodations
  6. Resources & Partnerships
  7. Food Inventory & Purchasing

Within these focus areas, there are a number of strategies pantries can take to help create a health promoting environment that meets the unique needs of each community.

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