San Francisco Chronicle profiles Healthy Catering in Potrero Hill!

Lizzie Johnson of the San Francisco Chronicle came to visit our healthy catering project at Potrero Hill Terrace over the holidays and published this terrific piece just before New Year's. Not mentioned in the article, but the originators of the project to which we contribute the "healthy catering" are BRIDGE Housing and Healthy Generations Project.  BRIDGE manages the programs at Potrero (and also the redevelopment efforts) and HGP runs an extensive community health leader initiative, which brings trauma-informed parent evenings for Potrero Terrace residents.  

We have learned so much for our partners on this project - BRIDGE, HGP, and the residents themselves who cater the weekly meals, provide structure to the parent evenings, and to the participants themselves.  We look forward to responding to the opportunities given to us by this community.