October 2014 Newsletter

Leah's Pantry Newsletter - October 2014
Welcome back to the Leah's Pantry newsletter! We've had an exciting busy summer, including expanding our team – read on to see what we've been up to.

The Tenderloin Cooking School Community Launch Party

In partnership with Heart of the City Farmers’ Market we'll be hosting a community launch party The Tenderloin Cooking School: Smart Meals for Small Spaces. This cookbook was a passion project! For and by the residents of the Tenderloin neighborhood, the project was managed in conjunction with the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC).

For years we've offered cooking courses to low income and SRO residents with little means and limited cooking spaces and equipment within the Tenderloin and Mid-Market neighborhood, but we soon learned community members had their own, healthy, home-cooked recipes they were eager to share! We decided to combine a number of member participant recipes, cooking tips and personal stories into one beautiful cookbook to act as a helpful resource and encourage others within the community to cook nutritious meals and live healthier.

The Community Launch Party will be held Wednesday, November 19th between 12pm and 3pm at the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market. We'll be distributing the cookbook FREE to community residents with a flyer as well as selling copies for $25 to all others. Farmer's Market tours, sample recipes from the cookbook, StoryCorps interview signups, and book signings will be offered!

For more information on the launch party or to purchase copies of the cookbook, click here!

Welcome to Leah's Pantry, Kristine!

Kristine Johnson joins the Leah’s Pantry team as Administrative Manager and Communications Coordinator. She has 15 years of diverse administrative experience that spans small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits. She has extensive hands-on experience supporting office teams and nonprofit organizations in the areas of operations, bookkeeping, payroll, client management, expenses, email marketing, budget tracking, web design and event planning.

Prior to joining the Leah’s Pantry team, Kristine was Receptionist for the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund and was in charge of greeting visitors and callers, customer service and working alongside fellow administrative staff to update and improve operational procedures. Her work with the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund influenced her interest in the rights advancement, the community sector and public health.

An experienced writer, Kristine has contributed editorials, reviews, and celebrity interviews to a number of online magazines and blogs. Her writing experience also includes press releases, digital, web and marketing copy for entrepreneurs, small business owners and publishers.

We're excited to have Kristine on our team to keep us organized and connected with the community!

Cook, Earn, Learn

Cook, Learn, Earn, a training with agencies of Feeding America San Diego and the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank, was held Tuesday, October 21st. Part of a larger project which re-visions how supplemental food is distributed within City Heights, the event included:

  • Activities and conversations around four main nutrition messages to be promoted throughout the year
  • Proficiency around facilitating cooking demonstrations for clients
  • Relationship building among organizations committed to improving the health outcomes of City Heights residents
  • Powerful and effective collaboration between both food banks and Leah’s Pantry

We look forward to following up with each agency to hear about the impact our training has had on their clients!

Feeding Potrero: A Healthy Catering Team

This summer Leah's Pantry and BRIDGE Housing identified several Potrero Terrace and Annex residents to work as a Healthy Catering Team for a new, innovative cooking project called Feeding Potrero. Over the course of this six-month project, the 5-person male and female catering team learned to prepare healthy dinners served at the neighborhood's weekly Healthy Generations Project (HGP). As part of Rebuild Potrero, the project focuses on the developmental health of children ages 0-5 years old and offers monthly cooking workshops encouraging residents to adopt healthier eating habits by modifying traditional favorites, introducing new foods and vegetables to their diets from the community gardens and learning the benefits of healthy, colorful, balanced meals.

At Healthy Generation Project's Family Laid Back Nights, parents and their children are invited to gather and enjoy a meal prepared by the catering team. The team – responsible for meal creation and preparation – is trained to present and explain the health and nutritional benefits of their dishes to guests as well as gather guest feedback following each meal.

It's been a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic team dedicated to learning the healthful and nutritional values behind the healthy foods they prepare and encouraging and improving the health of other residents!

Super Chef Camp

This past August we ran three weeks of our very first summer camp, called Super Chef Camp, at the City Heights Wellness Center in San Diego. Funded by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, this was the first phase of our year-long project serving the City Heights neighborhood.

Each week we had a new group of about 15 kids ranging from 6-15 years old. The focus of each week was on developing cooking skills, new food discovery, nutrition, mindful eating, and fun exercise. Parents of campers joined the group on the last day for lunch, which gave the kids an opportunity to share what they created during the week, like the Rethink Your Drink display and their own healthy food ads. Each group of kids was unique, but they all had a lot of energy and enthusiasm about food!

Our next phase for this grant will be a condensed version of our summer camp curriculum during a 3-hour Saturday class that parents and kids can attend together. The first class starts this weekend and participants will enjoy tasty recipes, art activities, and activities and discussions around healthy eating. Stay tuned for more updates!

In health,

The EatFresh Team

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FSTP Fall 2014

Leah’s Pantry will host another Food Smarts Training Program (FSTP), November 6th - 7th at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank! We're forward to working with a diverse group of San Francisco residents, volunteers, and agency staff. Graduates are supported by our staff to deliver programming at their sites.

Registration is now closed for FSTP Fall 2014. For more information or general FSTP questions, email us.

EatFresh.org 1st Anniversary!

September 30th marked the one year anniversary of EatFresh.org. Launched in collaboration with the
San Francisco Human Services Agency and CivicActions and funded by USDA's SNAP-Ed program, EatFresh.org hosts unique features dedicated to offering easy, online nutrition education and information to low-income Californians.

Along with healthy USDA approved recipes and extensive ingredient information, the site features multilingual website options, text-able recipes, SNAP-Ed trained dietician advice, county resource pages and easy, location-based CalFresh application.

Visit EatFresh.org now »

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