Often when we are displaced we begin anew with nothing. To receive a kitchen starter kit is a positive joy in an otherwise bleak experience. It is the beginning of feeling in community once again.
— Sanford, 2013 CookIt! Kit Recipient

Would you like to give someone a new kitchen for Christmas this year?

We distributed over 175 CookIt! Kits in 2013, and we need your help to keep this program going in 2014!  By making a donation to Leah's Pantry, we will provide one of our "kitchens in a bag" to a kitchen-less resident of an SRO Hotel or to a homeless family.  Residents who complete the six-week Food Smarts Workshop series are eligible for a kit.

In November 2013 The Food Security Task Force outlined the current state of food insecurity in San Francisco.  This program is designed to improve one of the three pillars of Food Security - consumption: the ability to prepare healthy meals and the knowledge of basic nutrition, safety, and cooking.  Food insecurity results in 74 million missing meals per year for San Francisco residents!  The task force recommendation of putting kitchens in SROs is an innovative strategy for strengthening the consumption pillar.  Leah's Pantry is doing this already through the CookIt! Kit program!!  Residents who can cook meals at home are able to take better advantage of free and low-cost produce available at food pantries and farmers' markets.  And home cooking reduces the strain on the city's free meals providers.

The full cost of a CookIt! Kit is $100, and includes slow cookers, utensils, glass storage, kitchen safety supplies, sturdy canvas sack, and a cookbook.  But donations of any amount are gratefully received, and will be used to fund the program.  Questions?  Email Adrienne.

Click here to donate a CookIt! Kit!