Food Smarts Workshops

Over 7,000 Californians have participated in our highly regarded cooking and nutrition workshop series.  Food Smarts Workshops are a great way for kids, adults and seniors to develop the cooking skills and acquire the nutrition information that empower them to eat more fresh, whole foods and to live healthier lives.

We inspire people to make healthy, lasting changes by encouraging them to start from where they are.  Through interactive activities, recipes, and discussions, clients learn to use what they learn to inform their choices - one step at a time. 

We believe cultural competence is essential for effective workshops.  We offer workshops and printed materials in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.  We have also facilitated workshops in Vietnamese, Farsi, and Arabic. 

All workshops cover the following information:

  • Basic nutrition:  serving sizes, balanced meals, whole foods
  • Kitchen safety and cooking skills
  • Meal planning, budgeting and grocery shopping
  • Nutrition labels, nutritional claims, ingredient lists
  • Chronic disease prevention
  • Food advertising and media literacy
  • Dining out and staying healthy
  • Basic cooking skills and recipe preparation
The nutrition class has strongly influenced my plan for my family’s nutrition. Already we have prepared some of the recipes we have made in class, for example the yogurt parfaits. And we eat pita pizzas twice per week. My daughter has tried new fruits and vegetables. Also, we have become more conscious of consuming soda. We now know how much sugar they contain and try to avoid them.
(translated from the Spanish)
— Resident of Fairfax Belvedere Apartments, San Rafael, CA

Are you interested in hosting a Food Smarts Workshop?  Contact Monica Bhagwan at Sites in San Francisco may qualify under existing funding.  Sites in other areas are usually funded out of existing program services budget, collaborative fundraising, or other programs.