Summer is here, and is heating up! Over the past six weeks, we have integrated the website into several programs throughout California, added a new text and email feature, and have more website enhancements to come over the next couple of weeks.

Featured on SNAP-Ed Connection is now featured on the SNAP-Ed Connection California page. We hope this exposure encourages more programs and organizations to integrate the website into their projects.

New Feature: Weekly Health Tips

We are happy to announce a new feature: weekly text message and email health tips! Users can signup directly through Each week we will send out brief tips that will support our users in making healthy choices, many of which will come from our messaging page topics. We hope that this feature will help personalize the experience on, make it easier for our users to follow through on creating healthy habits, and bring users back to more frequently.

Translation Bugs Fixed 

As some of you may have noticed, we had a few issues with our Spanish and Chinese translations on Our engineers worked hard to resolve them, so now the website will be fully translated when you click on the language switcher in the header. We apologize for any inconvenience that it may have caused and will do our best to ensure that it remains a problem of the past!

Integration Analytics is quickly becoming a popular tool in direct and indirect nutrition education. We have focused our outreach efforts primarily in San Francisco and San Diego, however, we have been excited to fulfill requests from many counties for training and outreach materials. We feel inspired each time we hear how is being used throughout California!

To date, has been integrated into:
  • San Francisco Human Servies Agency Trainings
  • CalWORKs and CalFresh Eligibility offices in San Francisco, San Diego, and Nevada counties
  • UC CalFresh Trainings
  • 2-1-1 San Diego
  • San Ysidro Health Center Health Educators
  • San Francisco Marin Food Bank CalFresh in a Day
  • San Diego Food Bank and Feeding America San Diego distribution agencies
  • WIC Alameda County
  • Madera County Health Department Training
  • Rady Children's Psychiatry Case Manager Training
  • San Francisco Department of Public Health Children's Environmental Health Promotion Program
  • King Chavez High School Cooking Club (San Diego)
  • San Diego County Nutrition Education Workshops at Logan Heights Branch Library (pilot; San Diego)
If you're interested in integrating into your program or organization, please email us.

Coming Soon: Hover-tip on Recipe Ingredients

We are currently implementing a new feature that will help highlight clickable ingredients on recipe pages. When a user hovers over an ingredient, a small box will appear offering suggestions for substitutions for that particular ingredient and a link to view the information page on that food.

Success Story: CalFresh in a Day

San Francisco Marin Food Bank has integrated into their monthly CalFresh in a Day event. In one visit, clients can apply for CalFresh, participate in a food demonstration by nutrition educators, and now, receive one-on-one EatFresh tutorials on nearby computers. This morning, Leah's Pantry staff demoed the website to a group of mostly Chinese-speaking clients who were all very excited about โ€“ this is a perfect example of reaching our target population! Clients were also sent home with recipe cards.

Do you have an EatFresh success story? Send us an email โ€“ we'd love to highlight your approach so others can learn from it!

In health,

Adrienne & Jessica

The EatFresh Team

EatFresh Toolkit

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How do our users hear about Print materials, like our recipe postcards, and CalFresh or CalWORKs Eligibility Workers are the top two places where our users hear about

Local Resource Page Added to Main Navigation

Many of our users were not noticing the county resources page in the header on, so we added it to the main navigation. Once you click on the tab, you can change county pages by clicking on the orange "Choose Different County" button beneath the county title.