General Questions

Do I have permission to share recipes online or in printed materials?

Sharing recipes online:
You can share any recipe online as long as you credit and the original source (author), and provide a link back to Please use the following text to give credit:

Recipe from Original recipe from [organization name].

The original source can be found at the bottom of each recipe, above the nutrition information.


Sharing recipes in printed materials:
You will need to reach out to the original author of the recipe to obtain permission to reprint a recipe from If the source is Leah’s Pantry, you have our permission! Please include the Leah’s Pantry and logos when reprinting.

For all other recipe sources, please email to obtain organization contact information and obtain permission to reprint the recipe(s).

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Promotional Print Materials

Do the recipe cards, posters, or DVDs cost anything?

If you are an organization serving low-income Californians, the recipe cards, posters, and promotional video DVDs are free! Leah’s Pantry is funded to cover the cost of printing and shipping promotional materials to your organization. You can place an order request using the Materials Order Form.

For organizations outside of California, you can download print-ready files from the Toolkit and print the resources on your own. We would also be happy to place print orders for you and send an invoice for the cost of processing, printing, and shipping.

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How can I order free recipe cards, posters, or a DVD of promotional videos?

First, make sure that someone at your organization has completed the Leah’s Pantry Partner Registration Survey. Once the Partner Registration Survey has been completed, you can place your order request using the Order Form.

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How many different recipe cards can I order?

You can order up to 5 different recipes per order. You will then need to specify the quantity of each recipe card in each language. For example, 500 English cards and 500 Spanish cards of each of the following recipes:

  • Apple Celery Slaw with Nuts
  • Chinese Winter Melon Soup
  • Slow Cooker Veggie Chili
  • Pita Pizzas
  • Tuna Salad with Pears

This would result in 5,000 total recipe cards (2,500 in English and 2,500 in Spanish). The smallest order we can accommodate is 100 cards per recipe. Sending fewer than 100 cards of one recipe is subject to availability in the printed cards we have in our San Francisco or San Diego offices.

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Are all recipes available as recipe cards?

No. Each year, we select a new set of about 30 recipes that align with the seasons and that represent a variety of cuisines and cooking methods. To see which cards are currently available, see the list of recipes on the Order Form.

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How should I use the materials (recipe cards, posters, DVDs)? partners have successfully used promotional materials in the following ways:

  • Distribute recipe cards at nutrition workshops, health fairs, pantries, or other events.
  • Include recipe cards in food pantry bags that use ingredients given on that day, or display recipe cards on a table/display rack at client-choice food pantries.
  • Hang posters in lobbies, waiting rooms, on bulletin boards, and other public spaces.
  • Play the promotional video DVD on loop in a lobby or other public space with a TV (with or without sound).
  • Hang posters in retail spaces to encourage healthy choices.
  • Include a recipe card in CalFresh or other benefit program mailer packets.

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How can I get a Mini Course referral code?

Send an email to and Leah’s Pantry staff will designate a unique referral code for your organization to track your participants.

If you have a request for a word or acronym to be used as your referral code, please let us know! We will do our best to accommodate any request. Keep in mind that the referral code will need to be appropriate and understandable for both English and Spanish users.

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How and when will I receive a Mini Course report about the participants using my organization's referral code?

First, communicate to your participants the importance of entering your designated referral code during account creation so their activity will be included in your data set. You can place an order request for recipe cards and posters with your referral code included on the materials. You can also download and customize Mini Course flyers from the Toolkit to promote the Mini Course and your referral code.

Next, let us know how frequently you would like to receive Mini Course reports. Leah’s Pantry can provide the number of new accounts created using your referral code and verify the number of certificates of completion earned on a monthly basis.

If requested, Leah’s Pantry staff can also provide Excel reports on your participants’ demographics and activity on the Mini Course on an annual basis.

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Can I log into the Mini Course using the account that I created to save recipes to My Recipes on

No, these are different accounts because and the Mini Course are actually completely different websites. The sites were designed to look the same, but they access separate databases. You will need to create two separate accounts for saving recipes to My Recipes on and for accessing the Mini Course.

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Internet Myth Busters

"Online interventions won't work for my clients."

Be careful about making assumptions about your clients. Ask them if they have a smartphone or access to the internet, whether at home, a friend or relative's house, or at a public space, like a library. You may be surprised that they do.

Take advantage of public computers or partner with libraries and organizations that have computer labs to provide opportunities for online nutrition education, like the Mini Course.

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"I work with seniors and they don't go online or know how to use computers."

While seniors are the smallest group of internet users, they have had the greatest rate of change in internet use, from 14% in 2000 to 58% in 2015.

47% of seniors have high-speed broadband connection at home.

"There are no well-designed online resources that are appropriate for my clients." is designed specifically for the CalFresh-eligible (SNAP) population and is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Your clients can find inexpensive, easy recipes inspired by a variety of cultures. also features USDA-approved health promotion messaging, food discovery information, meal plans, Ask a Dietitian, and local resource information.

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