Promotional Videos

Over the summer, we worked with Plus M Productions to produce four promotional videos that demonstrate ways to integrate the website into daily life. We are thrilled with how they turned out!

These videos can be played in office lobbies, waiting rooms, computer labs, healthcare centers, or any public space that makes sense for your organization. They are currently available on our YouTube channel, and you can embed the videos on your website or share them on social media. If you'd like the original video files, please get in touch with Jessica Silldorff (

What is (02:10)

Overview video of the website, Mini Course, and Text Message Class. This video combines all three storylines seen in the other videos below.


Cooking with (01:57)

A mother and son find recipes on their laptop for the boy's birthday party. They shop for ingredients with their EBT card and then cook easy, delicious recipes together, finishing just in time for guests to arrive.


Meal Planning with (01:52)

Two moms meet up on a playground, one of which doesn't know what to make for dinner. Her friend shows her on her smartphone and they look for recipes together. She is relieved to find recipes that are both easy, inexpensive, and healthy for her family.


Family Traditions with (02:16)

A grandmother is teaching her granddaughter how to cook a family recipe. Inspired by this, the granddaughter brings up on her tablet to find a similar, but new, stir-fry dish. She shops at a local market, cooks the dish on her own, and then invites her grandmother to taste it with her. They both love the new dish and bond over cooking together.