Interesting read/listen: Nudging Grocery Shoppers Toward Healthy Food

Adrienne passed along this article to me from NPR: It describes the efforts grocery stores are making to help their customers choose healthier foods. Instead of walking into the grocery store and seeing huge displays of chips and soda, stores are starting to highlight fresh fruits and veggies. Using techniques like soft lighting and tasty descriptions, they hope to increase sales of these healthier alternatives. It’s interesting to think how easily we’re influenced, but I’m sure I’ve fallen prey to similar marketing strategies. I know I’d much rather walk into a nicely lit, spacious store full of brightly colored produce than some of the dingy concrete buildings I’ve been in before. While selling lots of fresh produce is in the grocery store’s best interest, the article also describes the tactic of placing frozen fruits and veggies within eyesight, hoping to inspire the customer to make that healthy choice. After constantly reading about all the health-related problems in America, it’s nice to read about some of the positive changes we’re making to help each other out.