Spring Update

I recently attended a fundraiser for one of our clients,Compass Community Services, and was not surprised to hear that more and more families are struggling to find stable housing in this difficult economic climate. Staggering numbers of people struggling to feed and care for their children means our work continues to be a crucial service to children, families, and seniors living in disadvantaged situations. Over the past three years, we have worked hard to create a curriculum that is effective, culturally competent, and flexible enough to handle the incredible diversity of our workshop participants. Our impact continues to grow stronger, and we're confident that we're creating positive change to people that need it most.

This winter we completed a pilot for the San Francisco Food Bank, where we worked with their Food Pantry program to provide nutrition programming and food samples to their clients. We're now developing a second series of workshops that targets this same population. The Food Bank has unparalleled success bringing food to hungry people; we are so thrilled to have the opportunity to increase the depth of their fabulous work for the people of San Francisco. We also added another new client recently, A Home Away from Homelessness. This fantastic organization supports children living in shelters by providing safe, structured afternoons with recreation, homework help, and healthy meals.

Looking ahead to summer, we're now hiring facilitators for adult and children's nutrition workshops in Carlsbad, San Diego, San Marcos, Irvine, and Santa Rosa. If you're in that area and interested in becoming a facilitator, please apply here.