Check out our Survey Widgets!

Since we started running workshops 3 years ago, we've been constantly tweaking and changing our beginning and ending impact surveys.  This summer, we settled on a format that we'll stick with for a while.  So, even though we're still building our database of completed surveys, we're starting to have enough to make us excited about the difference we're making.

Based on feedback from one of our fantastic board members, Lynn Murphy, we've been using the online survey tool Zoomerang, to track our progress.  Once cool feature (no I'm not getting paid by Zoomerang for this post!) is that we can display our most up-to-date survey results on our website using widgets.  So fun!

Check out our new pages - Our Impact - Adults and Our Impact - Kids, and get as excited as we are about helping EVERYONE achieve their health and nutrition goals.

Happy Fall!