2016 Annual Report

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Dear Friends,

2016 was another year of remarkable growth and success for Leah's Pantry. This year, we worked with over 200 community organizations and public agencies and over 1,500 workshop participants to catalyze and support healthy behaviors that reduce the risk for obesity and other chronic diseases.  

Our 2016 evaluation reports show that Food Smarts Workshops continue to succeed - our graduates show significant increases in behaviors tied directly to improved health, such as eating more vegetables, drinking fewer sugary beverages, and avoiding foods with added salt, sugar and fat. I am so impressed with the passion, dedication, and expertise of the staff, volunteers, and interns who bring our effective and engaging programs to vulnerable and diverse populations throughout California. 

Our 125,000 Eatfresh.org users found and shared a terrific recipe, asked a question to a health professional, or discovered information about how to stay healthy. Fueling recipe content on the website was the development of two new cookbooks - one in collaboration with San Diego Native American youth  and the other with a wide variety of Asian and Pacific Islander populations.  Look for these to be released in Fall 2017!

Our commitment to strong partnerships with a wide variety of organizations continues, and allows us to to be innovative, effective, and relevant by supporting a healthy ecosystem of nutrition and cooking literacy.  As an organization, we have decided to dive into an exploration of the role that trauma plays in our individual and communal relationship with food.  This begins with an analysis of our programs through a trauma-informed lens and follows with the development of best practices for trauma-informed nutrition education and the role that thoughtful, community-based programs can play in community resilience.  We look forward to sharing more with you in 2017 on this important topic.

To all of our donors, volunteers, and community partners: thank you for helping us complete another successful year. 

Adrienne Markworth

Founder & Executive Director

Program Reach throughout California

 Green pins are Eatfresh.org Partner Integration sites.  Red pins are Food Smarts nutrition workshop and training sites.

Green pins are Eatfresh.org Partner Integration sites.  Red pins are Food Smarts nutrition workshop and training sites.

 Eatfresh.org Users in 2015

Eatfresh.org Users in 2015

Financial Summary 2016

2016 revenue: $918,335

2015 expenses - $1,084,420