2015 EatFresh.org Meal Plan Challenge Application

Complete the 2015 Meal Plan Challenge Application


Needs and Background 
DCYF and Leah’s Pantry have partnered to support DCYF Grantee’s that will be participating in the Summer Learning Day city-wide theme of Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead- Food is Fuel”. Given the reality of the chronic disease epidemic in low-income communities, providing opportunities for young people to develop healthy eating skills is a critical strategy towards building healthy communities and learning environments. This opportunity is intended to support your programs throughout the entire summer with curriculum and support around nutrition, yet tied to S.T.E.A.M activities! 

EatFresh.org is a recipe and nutrition website for low-income Californians. With easy to prepare and inexpensive recipes, users will find ways to eat fresh, whole foods on a tight budget. Nutrition and chronic disease prevention messaging is tied to recipes and all users have access to an online Registered Dietitian and county-specific information. This website is funded by the USDA/FNS via the California Department of Social Services and is a project of San Francisco Human Services Agency and Leah’s Pantry. 

The goal of the collaboration between DCYF and EatFresh.org/Leah’s Pantry is to provide summer programming sites interested in nutrition education activities this summer an innovative opportunity to engage students in meal planning and cooking. The program, EatFresh.org Meal Plan Challenge, will reinforce nutrition messages school-aged children receive throughout the year and provide an opportunity to participate in a fun group activity that teaches useful skills to lead a healthy life. 

This flexible curriculum will lead to several outcomes: 

• Students can select balanced meals
• Students can navigate Eatfresh.org
• Students can create a meal plan and shopping list
• Students can identify strategies for saving money and time at the grocery store
• Students can prepare several recipes from Eatfresh.org 

The curriculum will be designed to be flexible, with a minimum of three sessions that could occur over the course of a week or several weeks. Leah’s Pantry staff will provide support in tailoring the curriculum to your site, and will be available for in-person facilitation for the final cooking activity. 

The topics of each session are: 

1. Introduction to MyPlate and EatFresh.org; have class choose a meal plan theme. 
2. Class creates a unique meal plan using EatFresh.org recipes and the meal plan template. Class creates a shopping list. 
3. Class prepares at least one recipe and documents efforts via photos, reflections, social media, etc. The meal plan is submitted to Eatfresh.org for possible publication on the website. 

The series would incorporate STEAM components (math to create shopping lists, technology using EatFresh.org website, arts by artistically presenting food or photographing dishes, etc). 

Description of Participation 
Sites interested in participating in the EatFresh.org Meal Plan Challenge will apply via Survey Monkey. Deadline for submission is April 7th. This year we intend to pick 10 sites, which will be selected based on your application, computer/tablet access, and kitchen or sink space. Sites that are not selected will be able to access the curriculum, but not receive Leah’s Pantry staff support. 

By participating in the EatFresh.org Meal Plan Challenge, you will receive: 

• A copy of the EatFresh.org Meal Plan Challenge curriculum (taken from Leah’s Pantry 
Food Smarts curriculum) 
• One half day of curriculum training on April 29th 
• Coaching by the Leah’s Pantry staff to help you adapt the program to your site 
• On-site facilitation by Leah’s Pantry staff for final cooking activity (including providing 
reimbursement for food costs up to $2.50/student, shopping if needed, prep, cooking, and 

Program and Agency requirements for participants in the EatFresh.org Meal Plan Challenge:
• Commitment to serve a minimum of 10 youth between grades 3-8 who will participate in each of the sessions
• Distribution of a pre and post survey to student participants that will be returned to Leah's Pantry staff
• Sites must have computers for the students to use, with a student to computer ratio no greater than 3/1
• Sites must have access to a sink and outlet for the final cooking activity
• Commitment to engage with Leah’s Pantry staff to support the program
• Submission of your class’s meal plan to Leah’s Pantry via a provided form
• Commitment to participate in evaluation activities (which could include surveys and focus groups)

Questions about the EatFresh.org Meal Plan Challenge? Contact Erin Franey, Program Coordinator at Leah’s Pantry, erin@leahspantrysf.org, (503) 816-4593.


Complete the 2015 Meal Plan Challenge Application